Sunday, November 09, 2008

Devil's Tower, Newark

Just like on the movie. Close Encou ters Of The Third Kind, someone in
Newark, NJ has been visited by alien life forms. Howeve, unlike the
sculpture of Devil's Tower Roy Neary builds in his living room out of
potting soil, this one is built out of the remains of the Westinghouse
factory that used to Occupy the space you can see right there. I'll
dig up some pics later to add to this post showing the building where
it used to stand. Until Then, enjoy this glorious image of a mountain
of debris that has stood now for almost two months, with no sign of
ever going away. Enjoy...

NYC Chocolate Show

Well... Some piccies from the NYC Chocolate Show. We only stayed here
about an hour before discovering there was a much more exciting wine
and nibblies show called Taste. Om nom non nom!